Helping institutions serve their clients is at the heart of what we do. Old Fort Financial provides comprehensive services to financial institutions around the globe.


Everyone who works at Old Fort Financial shares a commitment to recognize that each client and partner is distinct and with their own, unique goals. We strive to deliver services at a level that exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Core Values

Client Focus  •  Expertise  •  Integrity  •  Hands on  •  Accountability
The lasting relationships we build with our employees, clients, partners, regulators, and communities are the foundation of our business. Old Fort Financial’s core values have emerged over the course of decades of service with these stakeholders in mind.

Old Fort Financial’s talent pool is diverse and runs deep. Our team includes professionals from top-tier organizations with a broad range of experience.

If your business efforts have ever been hampered by bureaucracy, you may be pleasantly surprised to see how much can be accomplished so quickly when doing business with us.


Our roots are set in the service of high-net-worth families with complex needs that span across multiple jurisdictions. In the early 1990’s, after a decade in business, our client’s needs lead us to what we believe has become the premier jurisdiction for international financial services operations, The Bahamas. Over the years, The Bahamas has only increased in its appeal and we find ourselves fortunate to have headquartered there.

We grew as an organization, adding all of the capabilities to serve our international clients with a full array of in-house products and amenities. In addition, our long track record and good business practices have allowed us to develop key third-party institutional relationships. As a result, we found ourselves in the position to serve institutional clients’ needs – institutions with their own high-net-worth clients.

In 2015 we made the strategic decision to pivot towards servicing institutions that provide wealth management services to their own high-net-worth clientele; providing a robust managed investments platform and the underlying full-service custody services – account opening, reporting, custody of assets, etc.